Worthouse Roofing Systems’ Groundbreaking Golf Ball Impact Warranty

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Worthouse Roofing Systems’ Groundbreaking Golf Ball Impact Warranty

Protection against golf ball impacts

Worthouse is proud to announce an unprecedented addition to our roofing system warranty: protection against golf ball impacts. This innovative warranty solidifies Worthouse’s position as the only roofing manufacturer globally to offer such a unique level of coverage. This underscors our commitment to durability, safety, and unparalleled quality in metal roofing.

A Testament to Superior Resilience

Our comprehensive testing has demonstrated that Worthouse roofing systems possess exceptional resilience, withstanding the impact of golf balls— a common hazard for homes near golf courses and in areas where such occurrences are frequent. This new warranty feature is a testament to the advanced engineering and materials science that goes into every Worthouse roof, ensuring that homeowners enjoy peace of mind regardless of the unexpected.

Elegance Meets Unmatched Performance

Beyond its robustness against golf ball impacts, the Worthouse roofing system embodies a blend of elegance and superior performance. Our designs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home but also provide top-tier protection through:

  • Unparalleled Safety: With the highest class of fire resistance (Class A), our roofs offer unmatched protection, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and property.
  • Impact Resilience: Our Class 4 impact resistance rating signifies our roofs’ strength against hail, rain, snow, heat, and wind—offering comprehensive protection in all seasons.
  • Windproof Design: Certified with a Class 90 for Wind Uplift Resistance, Worthouse® roofs are engineered to withstand extreme wind pressures of named hurricanes up to 200mph, safeguarding your home against the most severe weather conditions.
  • Elegance & Style: Our roofing solutions elevate your home’s appearance with sleek, modern designs that do not compromise on functionality.

A Warranty Like No Other

This exclusive warranty for golf ball impact resistance, extending up to 50 years, highlights Worthouse’s unparalleled commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. It represents not just a promise of durability, but a commitment to innovation and setting new standards in the roofing industry.

Homeowners can now enjoy not only the aesthetic and functional benefits of a Worthouse® metal roof but also the assurance that their investment is protected against a wide array of physical impacts, including those as specific and challenging as golf ball strikes.

Worthouse: Pioneering Protection for Your Home

At Worthouse, we’re not just creating roofing materials; we’re engineering solutions for modern living, offering homeowners around the world peace of mind and roofs that stand the test of time—and golf balls. Our market-unique warranty is a reflection of our dedication to excellence and our forward-thinking approach to roofing.

Discover more about our innovative roofing solutions and the exclusive golf ball impact warranty by visiting our website or contacting a Worthouse® representative today. Protect your home with a roof that’s built to last and warranted to withstand.

Worthouse golf ball impact warranty for metal roofs

Worthouse golf ball impact warranty for metal roofs

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