Metal Roofing Installation Guide

Looking for metal roofing installation tutorials? We placed all you need right here. Working with our products is simple and enjoyable thanks to our patented solutions. No more struggles with installing valley flashing or chimney flashing on metal roof! View our tutorials to find out about roof installation techniques and see how simple they are. Still have questions? We’ll make sure to answer them all.

Tutorial videos

Worthouse Roofing Installation


Ulta Tile Installation

Supre Tile Installation

Flamingo Gutter System Installation

Soffit Box Installation

Eave Bracket Installation

Eave Vent Comb Installation

Inner Gable Installation

Gable Fascia Installation

Outer Gable Installation

Hip and Ridge Tile LUX Installation

Modular Rake Installation

Valley Installation

Valley Finish Flashing Installation



The quality of our roofs has been recognized and certified by the Underwriters Laboratories. UL is the largest independent testing laboratory in the world. It is dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments.


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