Technical Specification

Back Chimney Flashing BCF-6"/4ft

Counter Flashing CF-4"/4ft

Drip Edge L DEL-5"/4ft

Drip Edge S DES-3"/4ft

Eave Bracket EB 2/4

EAVE drip edge

EAVE starter strip

EAVE_starter strip 2

Eaves Vent Comb EVC 4/4

Fascia Trim FT-5"/4ft

Front chimney flashing FCF-6"/4ft

Hip And Ridge Tile HRT- 12"/4ft

Hip And Ridge Tile LUX HRTLUX

Inner Gable IG-2"/4ft

Ridge End Cap RC-12

Ridge And Cap FLAT RCF-12

Ridge And Cap TOP RCT-12

Side Chimney Flashing SCF-4"/4ft

Starter Strip ST-2"/4ft


Ulta ULT S

Valley VA-11"/4ft

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