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Discover the durability of our Modular Metal Roofing Tiles and Gutter System, expertly constructed from high-quality steel

Steel is durable

Steel roofing products have nearly twice the lifespan of conventional roofing products

Steel is eco-friendly

Steel can be recycled endlessly, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials

Steel protects

Our steel roofing products have achieved the highest hurricane wind protection, hail impact and fire safety ratings in the US

Fire protection

We got an “A” in fire protection according to the UL 790 (ASTM E 108) Fire Protection Ratings

Extreme weather and impact protection

Against hailstorm, rain, snow, heat and wind Our products have achieved Class 4 ratings according to the UL 2218 Roof Impact Classifications

High wind protection

We achieved the Class 90 certification for the UL 580 Wind Uplift Resistance test. We have tested our products at wind speeds over 200 mph

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