Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

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The secret to keeping a metal roof in perfect condition is simple. It involves two things: choosing a high quality metal roofing materials and proper maintenance. The second part – maintenance – is not troublesome, but it requires following a few guidelines.
Most pollutants are removed from the roof  by rain. However, your metal covering should still be regularly inspected and, if necessary, dirt and minor defects should be removed.

Regular Inspection

A visual inspection of the roof surface should be carried out once a year. More accurate checkup should be done every five years. Look at the edges of your metal roofing panels and gutter system components. Clogged or dirty gutters systems lead to problems with water backup and corrosion. Cracks, peeling paint, clogs, mildew, rust or organic growth all indicate the need for repair.
This is important for achieving the optimum lifetime of a metal roofing, especially if your steel panels have an organic coating – they can be sensitive to airborne contaminants. Sulfur, chlorine and nitrogen compounds as well as soot are particularly harmful. Not removed, in combination with water and ultraviolet radiation, can induce internal tensions, which may lead to cracking of the surface of the organic coating. Dust and dirt may cause corrosion, as they can retain moisture on the roof surface.

Cleaning the Roof

During the visual inspection, you may notice that the rain hasn’t washed away all debris from the surface of your metal roof. To avoid damage, it’s recommended to systematically wash the dirt off. However, do not to use aggressive detergents and chemicals that are not intended for roof maintenance – they can damage the shingles and affect the color of the coating. The coating should be cleaned with a soft brush and water or a jet of pressurized water. More stubborn dirt can be removed using a detergent intended for cleaning coated metal roofing panels. The roof should be rinsed after a few minutes from the application of the cleaning agent. After that you should also thoroughly rinse the gutters. Persistent stains can be treated with a cloth soaked with white alcohol.

Repairing Minor Damages

There can be many reasons for appearance of coating defects: they may be a result of inadequate transport of the roofing panels, or caused by the use of inappropriate tools and by improper maintenance. It is important to repair these defects immediately to prevent them from increasing and corroding the steel shingles.You should only use special roof paints for coating repairs. Before painting, the selected area should be thoroughly cleaned with a cloth soaked in white alcohol.
The chipped area should be covered with roof paint, using the smallest brush possible. If the damage is not deep, one coat of paint should be enough. However, if the defect goes deeper, it is recommended to apply a second layer.
If the coating has been significantly discolored, it is reasonable to completely refurbish the roof. It is difficult to determine exactly when it is time to re-paint, because the durability of individual color coatings depends on many factors: color and type of coating, local climate conditions and roof slope.

Full Roof Restoration

The decision about fully repainting metal roofing should be preceded by checking if there are large damaged areas of metal panels, deeper scratches and dents, which may be particularly susceptible to corrosion in the future. The next step is to check whether the coating adheres well to the substrate. If the damage is significant, consult a specialist who will come and get the job done for you.
Regular inspections and proper maintenance will preserve and extend the life of your metal roofing. Metal roof panels are an ideal choice for your home – it’s a long-lasting and cost-effective roofing solution that will meet your needs.

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