What makes our products special?

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Steel is Durable

Steel roofing products have nearly twice the lifespan of conventional roofing products

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Steel is Eco-Friendly

Steel is one of the most recycled products on earth.

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Steel Protects

Our steel roofing products have achieved the highest hurricane wind protection, hail impact and fire safety ratings in the US

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Impact Protection

Our products have achieved Class 4 ratings according to the UL 2218 Roof Impact Classifications.

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Fire Protection

We got an “A” in fire protection according to the UL 790 (ASTM E 108) Fire Protection Ratings.

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Wind Protection

We achieved the Class 90 certification for the UL 580 Wind Uplift Resistance test. We have tested our products at wind speeds over 200 mph.

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Simple Transport & Storage

One pallet contains about 2,500 sq ft of material – enough to cover most roofs in the US

Ease of Installation

Pre-drilled holes and modular assembly speed up installation and reduce mistakes

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Our products average less than 5% waste at the job site compared to industry norms of greater than 10%

package of Supre metal roofing tiles by Worthouse
  • Effective sufrace area of one pack:
  • Effective surface area of one sheet:
  • Quantity in pack:


  • 3032 sq. ft. (281.75 sq. m)
  • 8.66 sq. ft. (0.805 sq. m)
  • 350 pcs.


  • 2739 sq. ft (254,56 sq. m)
  • 8.59 sq. ft (0.798 sq. m)
  • 319 pcs.
Metal Roofing
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