Leading the way in metal roofing manufacturing since 1991.

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About us

At Worthouse, we are the leading metal roofing manufacturer in Jacksonville. We are also the innovators in modular roof panels since our operations began in 1991. We create durable, beautiful metal roofing panels for Jacksonville residences, although we began our venture in Poland. As we add the North American market to our service area, we employ over 1200 people throughout Europe and North America, all of whom are dedicated to providing the very best in metal roofing for Jacksonville and beyond.

  • More than 1,200 employees throughout Europe and North America
  • 3 Manufacturing locations

Our metal roofing panels are specifically designed to offer excellent protection for your home over decades with the added benefit of adding great value to your property. With Noble Matt coating on both our Supre and Ulta metal roof options, every metal roof panel in Jacksonville effectively protects against and endures wear with incredible corrosion resistance for a long time. In fact, our modular metal roof tiles can withstand wind speeds exceeding 200 mph and Category 4 hail damage.

As your home is the biggest investment you may own, it’s important to protect it with the top manufacturer of metal roof panels in Jacksonville, with three locations where innovation is at the heart of what we do. Worthouse is the specialist in metal roof panels and we are ISO 9001:2001 certified.

Our metal roofing products are engineered and manufactured for efficient installation with pre-drilled holes that can save on labor costs during the process. Each roofing panel fits perfectly with the next and the entire roof is secured after all the panels are in place, making adjustments easy and reducing waste.

Worthouse is your innovative metal roofing manufacturer in Jacksonville.