Modular Metal Roof Panels & Tiles

Worthouse innovative modular metal roof panels protect your home, your family, and secure your financial future. When you choose our metal roof tiles – Supre, Ulta, Dura and Como – you choose the protection from, fire,  Category 5 hurricane wind speeds and Category 4 hail damage.
Steel metal roofing panels offer a level of beauty, protection and performance no other roofing material can match. Resistance to fire, wind, and hail means peace of mind when intense weather puts structures at risk. Steel is infinitely recyclable and energy efficient, minimizing environmental impact while keeping energy costs low.
Metal roofing systems are engineered for quick, simple installation. Properly installed, the long-term quality and durability of steel metal roofing sheets provide performance for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing Panels & Metal Roofing Tiles

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Steel is durable

Steel affords you and your family nearly twice the span of protection than conventional roofing, providing many decades of worry-free protection. Find out why metal roof sheets pay off as a long term investment.
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Steel is eco-friendly

Too many production materials today are obsolete after manufacture, but steel can be recycled without degradation. No matter which of our wide range of colors you choose, be assured you are making a green choice. Steel is the world’s most recyclable material, and metal roofing systems are energy efficient, keeping heating and cooling costs low.
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Steel protects

No one in the USA protects you better or rates higher from wind, hail, and fire than our steel products. When bad weather and natural disasters threaten, steel keeps your building solid and protected. Whether the threat is hurricane force winds, hailstorms or fire, metal roofing products has the highest safety ratings in the industry.

Noble Matt – Quality Coating on Our Metal Roof Panels

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Your home’s roof endures years of damage forcing you to repair and re-roof. Worthouse modular metal roofing panels offer maximum corrosion resistance with Noble Matt coating. Each season brings heat, cold, rain, hail, and snow, but Noble Matt coating protects our roofs from discoloration and corrosion and provides a permanent finish to our metal roofing products. With our metal roof systems and Noble Matt coating, your roofing projects become fewer and farther between. No need to worry about rust, corrosion or color fading. Our limited lifetime warranty means your roofing color will stay true for decades. This coating protects the steel from fading and ordinary wear and tear. It also allows our products to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, assuring occupants will stay comfortable even during extreme temperatures while keeping energy costs low.
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Protection Ratings of Worthouse Modular Metal Roofing Panels

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Extreme weather and impact protection

Our products have achieved the highest ratings against hailstorms, high winds, snow, rain and heat. Rated Class 4, according to UL 2218 Roof Impact Classification, our metal roof panels may lower your insurance rates.
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Fire protection

Our product achieved the highest level of fire-resistance, rated an “A”, according to UL 790 (ASTME 108) Fire Protection Ratings. This means lower risk of fire for your building.

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High wind protection

Our products have been tested at wind speeds over 200 mph, achieving the Class 90 certification for UL 580 Wind Uplift Resistance, providing safety and protection even in hurricane force winds.

Easy Installation of modular metal roof panels

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Transportation and storage

An average sized roof is generally covered by only one pallet of material, which contains over 3000 sq. ft. of roofing material. This compact size means less space for storage during construction and lower cost for transportation.

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Easy Installation

Holes are pre-drilled and pre-engineered for simple modular assembly. This means fewer mistakes, less product waste and quicker installation.

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Less Waste equals Lower costs

Conventional roofing has an industry norm of greater than 10% waste during installation. Our metal roofing products average less than 5% waste at the job site. Raven Black, Pacific Grey, Sierra Brown, or Canyon Red will make a handsome and fitting top to your home.

Colors of our metal roof tiles

Ultimately the value of your building, residential or commercial, depends a lot on aesthetics. Whether your goal is to blend in or to stand out, we offer color options to satisfy any design scheme. And our colors last a lifetime, so choose carefully.

Take to the sky with Raven Black

Ravens are very intelligent birds, which played an integral role in the mythology of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, as well as art and literature. For many cultures the bird was a religious symbol. Some even believed that it was God.Raven Black. The color of freedom.


Dive deep into the Pacific Gray

The Pacific is the largest and deepest ocean on Earth. It covers almost 1/3 of the earth’s surface. Its depth reaches more than 35 thousand feet.Pacific Gray. The color of mystic nature.


Dare to conquer with Sierra Brown

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the Western United States. Its highest peak – Mount Whitney – reaches an elevation of 14.505 feet. The foothills of this mountain range are home to the California Gold Rush of the 19th century. Sierra Brown. The color of a true conqueror.


Experience Canyon Red – one of nature's true wonders

The Grand Canyon is the largest river gorge in the world, located in Arizona. It is 277 miles long, about 6.000 feet deep and the home of whitewater rafting. Canyon Red. The color of adventure.




Meet Supre, Ulta, Como & Dura – our innovative modular metal roof panels!

Four styles of our modular metal roofing tiles – endless possibilities!

The Supre has a more traditional appearance, and is our the most popular tile here in North America.

The Ulta offers a more contemporary look and works with a variety of modern and traditional styles.

The Como has a cutting-edge,  contemporary look, perfect for modern structures.

The Dura offers timeless elegance in a classic Mediterranean style.

Well equipped—suites for all roofs

More than ten roofing accessories ensure that each facet and any home can be roofed with our products. Multiple drip edge, gable, chimney, flashing, valley, and ridge accessories are available. Our wide range of installation specialty accessories make your installation quick and efficient. Not lost time and material wasted on cutting and custom creating edges and complex corners. We have the items you need for a precise, professional finish.

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