Flamingo Guttering System – Perfection in Every Detail

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Flamingo Guttering System – Perfection in Every Detail

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The Flamingo Metal Guttering System is without doubt the best product on our market. Innovative technological solutions and the highest quality of raw materials makes it stand out for its quality and aesthetics in every respect. The whole system is the quintessence of perfection in terms of color, effective water drainage and durability.

For many years, BUDMAT has been the leading manufacturer of the highest quality products in the industry. In order to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, the company delivers excellence during every stage of its operation.

Seamless Rain Gutters

Gutters are a very important element; as they not only drain water, but also ensure your home’s safety, beauty and energy efficiency. All these functions are fulfilled by the Flamingo guttering system offered by the BUDMAT manufacturer. The Flamingo system is one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art products currently available on the market. Flamingo has been successfully used on commercial and residential buildings for many years. In 2010, it was honored with a Gold Medal at the BUDMAT International Construction and Architecture Fair, which demonstrates and recognises the remarkable quality of the product.

The Best Warranty on the Market

Well-thought-out solutions and unparalleled construction precision make the Flamingo system particularly innovative and easy to install. All elements and accessories are made of a homogeneous material (Rain Water System) supplied by the Swedish steel company SSAB. The product consists of several elements that form a single functional and modern unit. Specially designed structural solutions of individual elements of the Flamingo system allow for an easy installation. Because the Flamingo guttering system has been manufactured with the use of premium quality materials and the latest technologies, it comes with the longest warranty available on the market – 30 years.

Highest-Quality Materials

The Flamingo gutter is made of a special material PRELAQ® RWS (Rain Water System) supplied by the Swedish steel global concern SSAB. The BUDMAT company has been cooperating with the SSAB company for decades. The SSAB is the only company in the world that produces all types of metal sheets needed to make complete gutter accessories. Thanks to which the Flamingo guttering system is produced from the best raw materials available on the marketplace.

Aesthetics and Excellence

Flamingo gutters are available in many colors that blend well with the color scheme of your metal roofing system. The material intended for the production of the Flamingo guttering system is covered with homogeneous varnish coatings, thanks to which all elements of the system are covered in a one-colored, durable and high-quality layer. All available colors in which the Steel Flamingo Gutter System is manufactured in, match the roofing and facade coatings offered by BUDMAT.

The product is available in two sizes: small and large. Smaller gutters (125/87) are installed on apartment buildings, condominiums and residential houses, and larger ones (150/100) are utilized on commercial and industrial facilities. The manufacturer guarantees that each product is properly packed and transported in perfect conditions. By choosing the Flamingo guttering system, you have the guarantee that your new gutters will serve you and your home for decades to come.

Worthouse is a distributor of Flamingo gutter systems in the Chicagoland area.

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