Does metal roof need insulation?

Does metal roof need insulation?

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Although metal roofing has been around for quite some time, most home and business owners have only recently started using insulation alongside this roofing material. While metal is a fantastic and highly durable option for any roof, adding in some insulation is a great way to block out some noise while also keeping heat inside. Energy efficiency is more valuable than ever before nowadays, with energy costs being what they are, of course, so adding insulation is a great investment for any home. It’s also a surprisingly easy job, which most homeowners are fully capable of handling on their own.

Foam batting is probably the most popular option for metal roof insulation. This insulation differs from the more ordinary roll up insulation, since it is found in panels instead of paper-covered fiberglass. Foam batting offers a few options, as well, since it can be installed both inside or outside the sheathing. The reason this type of insulation is preferable Is that it lays flat and fits very nicely underneath your existing metal roof.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

A big mistake to watch out for during your installation is not laying down any paper wrap on your sheathing before you begin the installation. Paper wrap makes all the difference when it comes to the integrity of your home, since it prevents water build-up in the area between the sheathing and metal roof. When water seeps into this area of your roofing, it can easily lead to mold growth and other structural issues, which can be easily avoided with a simple paper lining between the insulation and sheathing. Next up is the actual installation of your insulation. The easiest way to do this is probably with large, 1.5” staples. These staples will easily puncture several sheets of insulation very quickly and securely. These staples also don’t leave large holes in your insulation or sheathing, which is better for the overall integrity of your project. Additionally, staples are easily removed during any repairs which may come up later down the line.

Simple Steps for Installing Metal Roof Insulation

Start your project by bringing the insulation up to the roofing. You might need some help with this, but it will save you dozens of trips up and down the ladder with all your tools and equipment later on, all while having to remember the individual measurements. Remember that your roof needs to be able to “breathe”. As such, make sure to leave gaps between the panels of insulation you install. These gaps don’t have to be large, with 1/8” usually being sufficient to allow air to pass between the panels. Many people forget these gaps but they can make a vital difference to the health of your home. If your metal roofing has been installed in a traditional method, it likely consists of purlins laid across existing shingles. In this case, the insulation will fit neatly between these purlins. So long as you ensure that your insulation is the same thickness, your metal roof will fit perfectly and insulation will improve the quality of your home!

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