Do metal roofs keep your house cooler?

Do metal roofs keep your house cooler?

There is a popular misconception when it comes to metal roof thermal properties. Such covering material tends to get extremely hot during the summer, right? How the heck then your house could stay nice and cool? There are several factors at work here. First what comes to your mind is probably the roof’s color. You know, that part about lighter colors absorbing less heat than the darker ones. It’s true of course, but applies only in small degree to metal roofing. If your house was properly built and insulated, actually not much at all. What really matters, is so called “cool” factor.

Metal roof to keep warm outside the home

Metal roofing has excellent energy ratings by itself but manufacturers went a step further to keep high temperature at bay. High quality products are covered with heat reflecting coatings that can fully reflect even 50% of infrared wavelengths. Considering aforementioned characteristics of metal covering, it is easy to understand, how your house can stay pleasantly cool during the hot summer months. For one thing, metal roof panels are usually highly reflective, even after years from installation. For other, quickly reradiate absorbed heat. Of course use of various coatings and types of finish (matte vs. lustrous) influences overall behavior of the product.

In the end, metal roof shingles and tiles may slightly differ between themselves in terms of aforementioned “cool” factor but they have definitely better thermal properties than other materials. However, to benefit fully from these characteristics, you should purchase tested, certified products with approved quality. It may not sound price wise but at the end of the day, you’ll metal roof will perform better in hot weather, keeping warmth outside more successfully than its cheaper counterparts.

Save money on air conditioning with metal roofing

Metal is one of the most energy efficient materials, when it comes to roof covering. It provides insulation during the winter but allow to lower demand for air conditioning during hot months as well. In parts of the country, where hot summers are a given, this may mean substantial savings on energy bills, while keeping your house comfortably cool.  The secret lays not only in metal roofing inherent qualities but also in type of finish applied.  Cool metal roofs rely on highly reflective and highly emissive coatings, which reflect or emit back most of the solar radiation and lower the temperature of the roof surface.

It’s easy to see now, why metal roofing not only improves thermal comfort in the houses without additional cooling systems but also decreases electric energy consumption in the residential buildings, where there is air conditioning at work. Choice of this type of covering often comes with another financial incentive. However, it doesn’t translate into the lower utility bills; homeowners investing in approved metal roofing are rewarded with cool roof tax credit. It’s a win-win situation. You get comfortable home environment no matter the weather outside and at the same time save money. That’s one of the many reasons for metal roof high ROI.

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