Advantages of Modular Metal Roofing Tiles

Advantages of Modular Metal Roofing Tiles

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Metal roofing tiles are becoming more popular and efficient. They are durable, eco-friendly and suitable for all types of roofs. They’re available in a vast array of colors, design styles, profiling, price and format. Currently, in addition to the well-known metal sheet panels that have been on the market for a while, modular metal roofing tiles are growing in popularity. What are their advantages and when is it worth investing in them?

Convenient fixed dimensions

In contrast to sheet metal tiles, which are usually cut to size, modular metal roofing tiles have small, fixed dimensions. Typical rectangular panel sizes range from 24 to 48 inches long by 12 to 16 inches wide. Also, the ribs on modular sheets are symmetrical, which means that cutting the sheets is not always necessary, and if it is, the cut off parts can in most cases be reused. This is also why modular roofing panels are almost always waste-free. Waste parts usually do not exceed 5% of the total amount of used material. This is why modular metal roof panels are much more suitable for covering more complex roofing systems.

Easy installation and transportation

Thanks to fixed dimensions, these roofing modules don’t have to be ordered well in advance. They can be bought immediately, which allows you to pick up the required quantity from a warehouse and transport it to the construction site. In addition, while ordering modular roofing sheets, you do not need to know the exact dimensions of the roof. The approximate knowledge of the total roof area is perfectly sufficient. Thanks to small dimensions, these modules can easily be transported to the construction site, even in a small car. Moreover, modular roofing systems can be assembled quickly, thanks to their size and weight. A two-man crew is enough for an installation job.

Coverage appearance

Modular roofing tiles look like rows of regular shingles, slates or overlapping tiles. Some types of modular roofing tiles have special groves that facilitate better rainwater drainage. In order to make the stacked panels look like tiles, they have a specially bent front edge that covers the sheet joints. As a result, the coverage surface is more uniform. Some models of modular roofing sheets have pre-made holes for screws and gaskets, so the places where modules are joined together are determined, which reduces the formation of corrosion centers.


Just like any type of roofing tiles, you shouldn’t invest in modules and panels just on the basis of their appearance. Choosing Supre and Ulta modular metal roofing panels ensures durability and long life of your new metal roof. With their innovative construction, our metal roofing tiles are designed to be resistant against thermal contraction and expansion, rot, mildew and rust, which offers high quality metal roofing tiles that meet all of your project’s sustainability needs.

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