The Highest Quality Metal Roofing Manufacturers

Worthouse provides the best steel roofing in the world. We use high-quality German steel that is regularly inspected to ensure it lives up to our high expectations.

Metal Roofing: Protecting your Home and the Environment

Steel roofing is a great choice for its eco-friendly nature.
Our metal modular roofing tiles are not only easily recyclable, but also highly optimized for protection against hail, wind and fire.

Simplifying Metal Roofing Installation

Our metal roofings are designed with innovative technology. Thanks to specially designed sheets and pre-drilled holes, Ulta & Supre are easy to install and reduce waste of materials during installation.

European Metal Roofing Manufacturer

Worthouse has been a proud manufacturer of high quality European metal roofing products for the past quarter of a century. We are thrilled to expand our German steel roofing products, including our two top roofing products, Supre and Ulta, to the United States and Canada. Read on to find out more about the durability and increased protection our metal roofing offers.

Pre-drilled holes and modular installation lead to quicker installation and less waste

  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Modular Installation
  • Align, Attach then Secure
  • Easy-to-Adjust

Our products have achieved the highest Hurricane Protection, Hail Damage Protection and Fire Protection certifications

  • Preliminary Approval for Miami-Date Certification
  • Class 90 Hurricane Rating
  • Class 4 Hail Damage Rating
  • Class A Fire Rating

Steel is durable, requires less maintenance and is one of the most recycled products in the world

  • Longer Lasting
  • Less Maintenance
  • Home Protection
  • Increased Value

Worthouse products protect your home from the elements and increase its resale value.

  • High-quality German steel
  • Precision manufactured
  • ISO certified
  • Machine inspection and random sampling
Our Production Line
See our manufacturing, assembly and warehousing video

About us

Worthouse is a European premier manufacturer of innovative modular roofing tiles and metal roofing products. Since 1991 we have been providing highest class roofing materials in Western Europe, and right now we are expanding our range to the North America market. If you haven’t heard of us yet, you will soon.

  • More than 1,200 employees
  • 3 manufacturing locations
  • ISO 9001:2001 certified
  • Innovation is at the heart of what we do

At Worthouse, we build long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing products that will protect your home for decades to come and increase its value. Our modular metal roofing tiles are built to withstand Category 5 hurricane wind speeds and Category 4 hail damage. Your home is often the most important investment decision you can make. Don’t you deserve the peace of mind that comes with owning a Worthouse metal roof?

Our steel roofing products have been engineered and manufactured for ease of installation. We pre-drill holes to make installation faster, saving you labor costs. Our pieces fit together like a puzzle, and don’t need to be secured in place until the entire roofing system is pieced together, making adjustments easier and reducing waste.

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